Is “The Great Reset” the agenda of heroes or villains?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is where the richest and most powerful gather annually in Davos to plot the future of the world. Luminary attendees include current and past heads of states, captains of industries, royalties, top bankers, and celebrities who influence the world. You get the idea — there is nothing second-class about the Davos crowd. It IS the collective “Elite” that controls our present and future.

The agenda for the Jan 2021 virtual gathering (due to Covid lock-down) was published well in advance, in June, 2020. And it has been generating a lot of controversy ever since.

Echoing Winston Churchill’s “Never let a good crisis go to waste” (the very same dictum invoked by Rahm Emanuel on the heel of the 2008 Global Credit Crisis, which kicked off twelve years of incessant, and still ongoing, money printing and financial repression by the world’s central banks), this agenda makes the Covid Pandemic (more importantly the unprecedented shutdown of the entire world that followed) the launch pad for The “Great Reset”.

Think of “reset” as rebooting your computer. Why do you need to do that? Because your computer is so “gunked up” it is either completely frozen or slowed to a crawl and practically inoperable. So what gunked up the world, — Covid? Or was the world already gunked up even before Covid (from unmanageable global debt-overhang and wealth disparity created by twelve years of financial repression), and Covid was (by a stroke of luck) just a catalytic “good crisis” that happened to come along, as the WEF implies?

And what are we resetting to? Unlike rebooting a computer to its normal and predictable operating state, The Great Reset will, by stated intent, replace the current world order with a New World Order. The Elite tells us that the New World Order will save Mother Earth (via The Green Initiative), provide greater government assistance to the needy ($2,000 “stimulus” checks for now, more to come later), better protect public health (a dozen flavors of vaccines for now, more later), and make daily lives even more convenient than it already is (cashless society, “government-backed” cryptocurrencies etc.).

Critics (not conspiracy theorists, because they are interpreting an already disclosed agenda, not theorizing its existence) point out the “Great Reset” comes with a subtle, built-in feature: Much greater government control. Lock-downs will be more arbitrary and frequent (ostensibly because of unpredictable future virus mutations); not only traveling but even entering a workplace will require (digital) Vaccination/Immunity IDs; every transaction, whether financial (via a cashless society) or otherwise (such as use of electricity off a smart grid) will be tracked and regulated. Meanwhile, dependence on government “stimulus” checks will ensure compliance. Critics further point out that all these feared measures (most notably “Social Scoring”) have already been implemented to one degree or another in China, and that the “Great Reset” aims to shape the world more like China.

Critics are particularly alarmed by the “Great Reset” slogan : “You will own nothing and be happy” because it sounds like what a feudal lord back in the Dark Ages (who owned everything) would try to convince his serfs (who owned nothing) of. Critics are mindful one of WEF’s most prominent members is the biggest owner of farmland (source of food) in the U.S. (He also happens to advocate nobody eats meat, begging the question whether he keeps cattle on his land for the exclusive enjoyment of his family and friends when everyone else chows down on 3-D printed mystery burgers.)

Whether you judge the “Great Reset” to be the agenda of heroes or villains, know this: Critics questioning the official narrative are already being censored. Many have complained about their “alt” sites (on YouTube, et al) being demonetized or secretly un-subscribed.

A Boomer, I write to encourage and inspire Millennials, because they are crucial in restoring the middle class which is fast becoming extinct.