The Future of Democracy

Ancient Athens was the birthplace of democracy. To this day, people from all over the world flock to the Parthenon ruins in remembrance of the greatness of this “cradle of Western civilization”. Yet, the most famous ancient Athenian (arguably the greatest philosopher of all time), — Socrates, — was a passionate critic of democracy; so much so that he was tragically put to death by hemlock for it.

Socrates characterized democracy as “a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder, wherein foolish leaders dispense equality to the deserved and undeserved alike.” His point was, unless the vast majority of voters had sufficient education and wisdom to judge who was most qualified for dealing with the complexities of leading the state, they would invariably choose “foolish leaders” for their expertly orated empty promises.

In other words, Socrates drew distinction between an intellectual democracy and a democracy by birthright. By giving the vote to all, with or without required wisdom,“foolish leaders” would result. He even gave a name for these “foolish leaders”: Demagogues (dēmos ‘the people’ + agōgos ‘leading’). Today’s democratic West can easily recognize demagoguery from decades of a progressively dumber mass voting per commercial sound-bites funded by the candidates themselves. (In ancient Greece, there was no TV commercial, but the same principles applied. Socrates attributed demagoguery to people voting for purveyors of candy over purveyors of medicine).

Demagoguery causes decay of government. Indeed, ancient Athens fought some ill-advised wars which weakened it. The same happened to the Roman Republic (not a true democracy but a pluralistic government nonetheless). It became a dictatorship, befallen by progressive corruption. Democracy went dark with the Dark Ages. By my reckoning, its formal reemergence didn’t happen until the Magna Carter.

There are four essential principles to the Magna Carta:

  • No one is above the law, not even the monarch;
  • No one can be detained without cause or evidence;
  • Everyone has a right to trial by jury;
  • Women have rights (a widow could not be forced to remarry and give up her property).

Many a past U.S. President had acknowledged the Magna Carter as guidelines for the founding fathers. The resultant U.S. Constitution went much further. Yet, now in the 21st century, we can’t even adhere to these four principles and seem to be rapidly regressing back to the Dark Ages. This time, instead of primitive feudal lords, we have vastly more sophisticated masters of social engineering who endlessly distract, divert and dumb-down (through mindless “entertainment” and relentless propaganda masquerading as “news”), cull information for later control (via countless tools of “convenience”), and cripple ethics and humanity (by normalizing unnatural trans-gender and trans-human cultures). These subtle but persistent social engineering programs, carried out in tandem with Financial Repression (artificially low interest rates punishes savers and systematically transfers wealth from the 99% to the 1%, destroying the middle class over time), financial enslavement (through an ever more creative debt culture), and endless pushing of pharma products systematically created a demoralized, pacified and enslaved populace incapable of critical thinking, and programmed to “enjoy” their servitude (“You will own nothing, and be happy”).

So while retaining its false label, democracy is giving way to Neo-feudalism (remember the many cases of the Ruling Elite exempting themselves from the draconian pandemic restrictions they placed on the public?). Further aided by a myriad of technologies applied for surveillance and control, this portends totalitarianism. Carefully constructed conditions were introduced into society to speed up public acceptance of this transition. 911 caused the populace to give up the right to privacy out of fear, and the Covid pandemic caused the populace to unquestionably accept vaccine mandates out of fear. Fear works. Fear invokes predictable obedience (to those who promise to protect). Fear enables complete control by the Ruling Elite, in ways that don’t alarm the controlled, until it’s too late.

Collectivism, such as ever more “progressive” socialism, is the perfect vehicle for implementing totalitarianism. Why? Because collectivism absolves individual responsibility and self sufficiency and relies on big government to administer a myriad of social welfare programs for the mass. Big government is like any other big institution: It is where power concentrates. Power corrupts, and invites abuse and oppression.

An already totalitarian country, such as China, has no transition to make. It is implementing all the same surveillance and control measures, just more blatantly and pervasively. Alas, the entire world is moving toward totalitarian dystopia. But will it, like a pendulum, swing back toward democracy when the weight of oppression gets too heavy? After all, out of the serfdom of the Dark Ages eventually came the Magna Carta.

I think two factors are key in answering that question. First, the Magna Carta was not a voluntary declaration out of sheer good will. It was forced by revolution (of barons against an unpopular king). So was the U.S. Constitution born out of revolution. If our current road to global totalitarian dystopia is the FINAL and lost revolution, then there will be no return to democracy. Second, I think abundance of resources is a necessary condition for democracy (that certainly was the case for the “American Experiment” on a vast and “virgin”continent). In the face of increasing global scarcity, democracy, — a system of free agents acting out of self interest, — will devolve into anarchy (i.e. a Mad Max world). Totalitarianism, oppressive as it is, will sadly be a more effective way to govern.

Can it be that in the greater scheme of human history over millennia, Western democracy per the “American Experiment” has run its course as ancient Athens and the Roman Republic did, and Socrates would have predicted? Can it be that instead of being converted to Western democracy, China is actually the blue print to Dark Ages 2.0 designed for the West by the global Ruling Elite under the label The Great Reset?

But wait, there is still hope: More and more people from all over the world are seeing through the pandemic-excused tyranny by the Ruling Elite and rising up against it. Even if this IS the final revolution, it ain’t lost yet! Let’s all hang on to democracy for a little longer.



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A Boomer, I write to encourage and inspire Millennials, because they are key to revitalizing a middle class fast becoming extinct.