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…for citizens to regain control of their Nation

  • see things before they happen
  • recognize things as they happen
  • realize what happened
  • have no clue what happened

To avert a grim future

Think Opportunistically; Think Imaginatively.

Source: Arowana

(1) The “DeFi” Movement is rapidly gaining traction.

More than anything else, the ever-widening 1%-99% wealth disparity is the direct result of “financialization”— the Financial Elite’s multi-decade effort since the 80s to have every transaction requiring monetary exchange be controlled by the financial “industry”. A plethora of exotic credit “products” have been created by various…

  • Lack of financial prospect: Owing a lot (of student debt), owning nothing with diminishing chances of ever owning anything (thanks to asset prices rapidly escalating out-of-reach…


A Boomer, I write to encourage and inspire Millennials, because they are crucial in restoring the middle class which is fast becoming extinct.

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